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Time management Part 4

Written on the 8 February 2014 by Australian Business Sales

Part 4

Writing ‘to-do’ lists

One of the simplest forms of time management is a ‘to-do list’. This will remind you what you have to do and help you learn how realistic your scheduling is. Note down what you have to achieve today, or this week.

Tick off tasks as you complete them. Seeing what you’ve achieved will increase your motivation. Remember to add any new tasks that arise from a completed job.

For long-term projects, it makes sense to use project planning tools. These can be anything from simple memos listing key dates and tasks, to flow charts or project planning software. Choose tools that enable you to see at a glance how well you’re performing and whether you need to reschedule tasks or provide additional resources.

Time management tools

Use your diary, Smartphone, or computerised calendar for both day-to-day organisation and forward planning.

Calendars that can be accessed by your colleagues will enable them to identify the gaps in your schedule in which they can organise meetings or discussions. Such devices can also record how you’ve spent your time, jog your memory, alert you to meetings and important tasks, and store useful information such as to-do lists and contact details.

Typical pitfalls

Following are some suggested solutions for the most common time management problems.

Doing it all yourself

Trying to do everything on your own is a common mistake. Aim to delegate jobs that are routine, require no special skills or are time-consuming. Also delegate any jobs that someone is keen to take on – delegation can be good training and an opportunity for people to progress in their jobs.



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