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Business Migration Stats

Australia's Business Skills Program encourages successful business people to settle in Australia and use their proven skills to develop

business activity in Australia.


Business migrants contribute significantly to Australia's increasing global economy. They bring knowledge of overseas markets, business

networks, cultural practices and languages other than English, as well as their specific business skills and experience.

Business migrants benefit Australia by:
•developing international markets
•transferring capital and making investments
•creating or maintaining employment
•exporting Australian goods and services
•introducing new or improved technology
•substituting Australian-made products for goods that would otherwise be imported
•adding to commercial activity and competitiveness within sectors of the Australian economy.

Source locations

In 2010-11 the top 10 source countries in the Business Skills category for Business Skills category were: China, the Republic of Korea,

Malaysia, United Kingdom, South Africa, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Pakistan , Iran and Sri Lanka.

Structure of the Business Skills program

Most Business Skills migrants enter Australia on a provisional (temporary) visa for four years and after satisfactory evidence of a specified

level of business or investment activity, may apply for permanent residence. These arrangements help with the entry of business owners,

senior executives and investors.

Business migrants may apply for a Business Talent visa to get direct permanent residence if they have high level business skills and are

sponsored by a state or territory government agency.

The Business Skills visa grant outcome for 2010-11 was 7796.

State specific initiatives

Australia is actively encouraging Business Skills entrants to set up businesses in regional, rural or low growth areas of Australia.

Applicants may seek sponsorship from a state or territory government. Sponsorship enables states and territories to attract the kinds of

business people they are seeking to help in the economic development of their regions and provides access to concessional criteria. This also

encourages applicants who are more committed to succeeding in business in Australia.

IIn 2010-11, the state and territory sponsored Business Skills outcome was 7556. This amounts to about 96.9 per cent of the total Business

Skills outcome.

The Business Skills visa categories

1. Business Skills (Provisional) visas
A Business Skills (Provisional) visa is valid for four years. The subclasses of this visa are:
•Business Owner (Provisional) visa (subclass 160/163) is for people with a successful business career, including senior management or

ownership, who have significant business assets and have a genuine and realistic commitment to participate as a principal in the

management of a new or existing business. Applicants in this category may be sponsored by a state or territory government.
•Senior Executive (Provisional) visa (subclass 161/164) is for senior executive employees of major overseas businesses who have been

responsible for strategic policy development affecting a major component or a wide range of operations of that business, who have significant

net assets and a genuine and realistic commitment to participate as a principal in the management of a new or existing business. Applicants in

this category may be sponsored by a state or territory government.


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Noel Currie

Author:Commonwealth Government Ausralia


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