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Time manage Part 5

Part 5 Next steps
•Regularly sort out your systems and ensure files are in order.
•Tackle large projects in sections – you don’t have to do everything at once.
•Concentrate on staying focused and keep this message above your desk: ‘What is best use of my time right now?’ Please note that this is ...

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Time management Part 4

Part 4 Writing ‘to-do’ lists One of the simplest forms of time management is a ‘to-do list’. This will remind you what you have to do and help you learn how realistic your scheduling is. Note down what you have to achieve today, or this week. Tick off tasks as you complete them. Seeing what you’ve achieved ...

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Time management Part 3

Part 3 Minimising distractions However carefully you prioritise the use of your time, your attempts to manage it efficiently will be undermined unless you can find effective ways of dealing with distractions:
•Manage mail at the beginning of the day. It may have a bearing on your activities during the rest of the day and you will be i...

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How to manage your time effectively Part 2

Part 2 Common occurrences Establish written procedures for dealing with common events so you can delegate routine tasks wherever possible. For example, develop clear systems others can follow for handling sales queries, logging customer contacts, answering queries, processing sales and invoicing. Arrange procedures for monitoring perfor...

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How to manage your time effectively Part 1

How to help manage your time effectively by NAB 24 October 2012 
Posted in Business tips, Running a business, Starting a business Part 1
A key business driver for a business is time, so using your time efficiently enables you to successfully manage your business and achieve work-life balance. Time is like money. If you con...

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